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Unsecured creditors can sue you if you don’t spend your bills.

To find out more in what to complete in the event that you are sued, start to see the What Creditors may do in the event that you Don’t spend tipsheet and seek legal services.

Seizing home

Creditors can take action to seize your home by way of a civil enforcement agency without the necessity for the judgment if:

  • you’ve got purchased things through a time product product sales contract and you are clearly behind or haven’t made any re re re payments
  • the creditor is guaranteed by a chattel home loan and you have re re payment arrears
  • the debt is lease owed to a landlord

Stopping a seizure of home

Confer with your creditor straight away. When you can begin spending a number of the cash which you owe, the creditor may keep the seized home with you.


Garnishment is really an appropriate procedure that a creditor takes following the court prizes a judgement against you. The creditor asks the court to use the cash (garnishee) you borrowed from from a true range sources like

  • your earnings cheque
  • your bank account at a financial institution such being a bank, treasury branch, trust business or credit union
  • records receivable (money due to you by other people)

Bank-account garnishment

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A creditor who garnishees your money is permitted to use the whole amount of cash that your debt.

Objection to a garnishment

To avoid the garnishment procedure or even make modifications into the garnishment because of the creditor, a court must be obtained by you purchase. You shall probably need legal counsel to do this.

In case a creditor sues you

The option is had by a creditor of suing you into the Civil Division of Provincial Court (previously referred to as little claims court) or the Court of Queen’s Bench.

You will be served with a civil claim if you are sued. Don’t disregard the claim.

If you should be served by having a claim that is civil

  • confer with your creditor
  • spend the claim
  • file a dispute note

In the event that you be given a civil claim in Alberta, you have got 20 calendar times through the time you’re offered to register the dispute note. In the event that claim is offered you outside Alberta you’ll have 30 days to react.

The court will award the creditor with a judgement against you if you do not file a valid dispute note within the required time or appear in court on the day of the hearing.

As soon as a judgement is given the creditor usually takes a few actions to obtain the cash you owe:

  1. Join a writ of enforcement utilizing the private Property Registry.
  2. Garnishee your wages, bank reports or accounts receivable.
  3. Seize your premises.

Owing cash to a bank

The bank can use its right of set-off to recover the money if you have an overdue debt owing to a bank. The proper of set-off permits a bank to withdraw cash from your reports to cover your overdue financial obligation. The financial institution need not offer you notice or pose a question to your authorization prior to taking this step. The financial institution need not ask the authorization associated with the court.

Banking institutions might use their right of set-off to get payments that are overdue credit cards, loans, overdrafts or credit lines. A bank may withdraw cash it to your debt that you have on deposit in any of its branches and apply. The financial institution need not keep anything in your bank account.

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